Step by Step create Flash FlipBook

List of simple and useful guides about free online flipbook creator. Help you create all image/photos (JPG, PNG, GIF), etc to flash flipbook, convert PDF files to Flipping ebook, customize your flipbook, etc on this website for free. Support both Windows and Mac users.

How to free create or make PDF to Flipbook on Windows or Mac?

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PDF files are the most popular ebook format for private life, business, school or government document, etc. However, for some users, they don't install PDF readers or Foxit, so can't view the PDF files. For others, they often want to make the PDF files more attractive. So we need to create or make PDF to Flash Flipbook for free with turning effects on Windows or Mac. Convert PDF to Flash Flipping book can make your PDF files more accessible, less time to view PDF contents in Flipping ebook and make flash PDF ebook more funny.

Next guide will show how to free convert free PDF to Flipbook

There are two steps for converting PDF to page flipping ebook for free. You should convert PDF files to image for free, then use the free online image to Flash Flipbook to completed that.

Step one: Free Convert PDF to images
Step two: Free online Image to Flash Flipbook

Step One: Convert PDF to Image for free (Three methods to help you)

Note: When convert PDF to image, you need to set the all image need to have the same dimensions and less than 1000 x 1000.

Method 1: Adobe Acrobat Pro
If you have the paid version Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can free convert PDF to Image with this follow steps.

1: Open the PDF file which you wanted to converted with the Acrobat.

Open PDF With Acrobat

2: On menu bar at the top, click on File and a drop-down menu of selections will be displayed.

Choose Output image format

3: Set the image with the same dimensions and less then 1000*1000, then Choose “Save as” for saving PDF files to images.

Method 2: On a Macintosh
1: For a Mac user, from the File menu, select Open... Locate and open the desired PDF file.

Open PDF Files Mac

2: Export the page. From the File menu, select Export...

Export The Page

3: Set the graphics format. In the resulting Save window, set the location for the file, and choose the desired format from the Format menu.

Set Graphice format

4: Adjust the output quality. Depending on the format you choose, you will have a couple options—compression quality, and resolution. Set those as appropriate for your needs. Remember to set the all image need to have the same dimensions and less than 1000 x 1000.

Adjust the Output Quality

Method 3: PDF to Image Converter

You also can choose the PDF to Image Converter or PDF to Image Converter for Mac to convert PDF files to image format.

1: Load PDF files
Click "File" or "Add File(s)" button to add PDF files or PDF Folder you want to convert. You can load multiple files at one time to save the time.

2: Output setting
Click setting icon, you can need to set all image need to have the same dimensions and less than 750 x 1000.

Set Output image

3: Convert PDF to image
After loading the PDF files you want to convert, you can click "Convert" button to convert selected PDF files.

Convert PDF to image

Step Two: Free convert PDF images to Flash Flipping book

After converting PDF to image for free with the same dimensions, then you can create these PDF images to Flash Flipbook for free online with simple steps on Windows or Mac.

Step 1: Compress the converted PDF images to a zip file. Then go to the free Flipbook creator website.

Step 2: Type a title for your Flipbook, then click “Choose File” button to upload images ZIP files.

Choose zip pdf image

Step 3: Finally enter your effective email address, set the width for the Flipbook. Then you enter the “Create Flipbook” to start PDF to Flipbook. When progress has completed, you can view and download the flipbook in download page.

More details for creating PDF image to Flipbook for free on Windows or Mac.